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These guys specialize in small business web design and management; they’re great at what they do and very business savvy. If your business needs a boost, get in contact with them. Whether you already have a website or you need your current website redesigned, Mark and Billy are great! We proudly recommend Set My Site to anyone needing web help!


Breadmasters Enterprises

There is just something about spitting a watermelon seed over 68 feet that caught Lion Ara Zeithlian’s imagination! If someone in Luling, Texas, can do it, so can someone in Sunland, California!

He decided to make it possible and took charge of the seed spitting contest at our Watermelon Festival, traveling to Luling to see how they do it, researching the kind of watermelon seeds they use and how they set up their spitway, planning the details and putting up the money through his company for prizes big enough to make the contest really exciting!

He has been enthusiastic about the whole Festival and especially the watermelon booth ever since he joined the Lions Club, and, with Lion Robert Douglas, has been responsible for finding the best melons and a refrigerated truck and recruiting and supervising helpers from the Football Squad at Verdugo Hills High School.

His latest project is the creation of an automatic watermelon slicing machine that will cut 40 slices a minute. He continues to improve the Watermelon Spitway, hoping that someone at our Festival will set a new record. Come on out and give it a try!


Sunland-Tujunga Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber has designated August as Watermelon Month in Sunland-Tujunga and their on-going support is really appreciated.


Sunland-Tujunga Rotary Club

The Rotary Club had so much fun sponsoring the Watermelon Eating Contests they decided to keep on doing it, making it bigger and better every year . Bring an extra top (in case you get juice on the one you wear!) and plunge right in to a juicy slice of melon.  Or gather round and cheeron the contestants.  It’s amazing how fast a big slice of watermelon can disappear!

One contest wasn’t enough for the gung-ho Rotarians!  They decided to add a greased melon relay race in 2009.  It was such a huge success they plan to repeat it every year! President Richard Stewart’s enthusiastic leadership makes it all happen and the excitement level gets really high as friends and family of the contestants cheer them on!We are very grateful for the Rotary Club’s participation and for all the support they give the Lions Club and the Festival throughout the year.


Verdugo Hill High School

Students from Verdugo Hills High School are getting involved in the Watermelon Festival again this summer.

The Football Coach is bringing the football team to help out in the Watermelon Booth, schlepping the huge melons from the truck and cutting them into halves before feeding them to the WatermelonOmatic slicing machine. There will be a donation jar at the booth for money to help the athletic program at the high school.  As you enjoy the melons, be generous to the kids who bring it to you.

Participants in the Aquatics Program will be there to help out as needed. The ComedySportz Club provides a lively crew to help staff the Melon Patch Stage in the KidsZone, making it a lot of fun for everyone. Interact Club members from Verdugo Hills High School and Delphi Academy, sponsored by the S-T Rotary Club, are at the gates selling tickets and helping out wherever needed.

The Lions are very happy to welcome these enthusiastic young adults to the Festival family, and are looking forward to finding ways to assist them in their activities at the high school.


Valley of the Stars

Valley of the Stars is project of the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley. It is designed to be a guide for visitors to all that the Greater San Fernando Valley region has to offer. In addition to presenting the exciting attractions, studio tours and television show tapings, the historic sites, museums and picturesque parks, the Valley of the Stars has identified a number of local community activities as ones that would be of interest both to visitors and to residents throughout the area.

In 2006 they invited the Sunland-Tujunga Watermelon Festival to become an official event of the Valley of the Stars, publicizing it on their websites and making their resources available to the planning team. Their vision of the Festival as a premier destination event in the SF Valley has provided inspiration and motivation to the Festival Director and team. Check out their website and learn of the many fascinating, educational, and fun activities just a short drive away!


National Watermelon Promotion Board and the Luling Watermelon Thump

For a vast amount of information about watermelons, there is no site like! It has been a wonderful research tool for our Director and Webmistress. It not only contains a lot of information on the site itself, but its links lead you all over the country. One page lists 40 different festivals taking place around the country during the summer months! And that isn’t even all the watermelon festivals there are!

One of the most interesting watermelon festivals in the country is the Watermelon Thump in Luling, Texas. Its website has provided ideas, inspiration and guidance to our planners for 4 years. In the summer of 2006 three members of the Sunland-Tujunga Lions Club flew to Austin, Texas, and drove down to Luling, an agricultural community of a little over 5,000 people. They visited with members of their board of directors, checked out the entertainment, the vendors, and the food booths, enjoyed the parade, and took notes and photos of the seed spitting and watermelon eating contests. It was an interesting and educational experience, and a blessing to be able to visit and learn from others.