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2013 Royal Court

2013 Royal Court - Sunland-Tujunga Watermelon Festival, Pasadena Rose Bowl

Meet the 2013 Royal Court

Our 2013 Royal Court sold raffle tickets to help us raise money for over 70 non-profit organizations and charities in their quest to royalty. Winners of each category were determined by the candidate who sold the most tickets as well as a public vote. Below are the winners for Watermelon Princess, Prince, King, and of course… Watermelon Queen. Thank you for supporting their charitable efforts!


Watermelon Queen, Ericka CunninghamQUEEN, ERICKA CUNNINGHAM
A Junior at Verdugo Hills High School, she is in the Junior ROTC program and also likes singing and dancing. She comments,” There are many reasons why I would like to raise money for the JROTC program. One example is raising enough money could help keep the program running and get it involved in other related events. Also, the funds we earn could help us get all of the necessities for the class, as well as having enough funds for the awards ceremony at the end of the year.”




Watermelon King, John MartinezKING, JOHN MARTINEZ
The Junior Varsity Verdugo Hills High School Football Team player wanted to be Watermelon King because of his great school spirit and his willingness to work hard to succeed.  He believes it would be a great opportunity to get involved in the community and to help find ways for Sunland to become a better community. “I would love to raise money for the Verdugo Hills HS Football Team because our funding has been cut and we need to be able to provide for ourselves. Our other fundraisers do not support us to the level that is needed and it would be a true honor to be able to go back to the football team with some extra money, as it would help a lot.”


Watermelon Princess, Meghan BezekPRINCESS, MEHGAN BEZEK
A Senior at Verdugo Hills High School, she is on the Varsity Girls Soccer Team and also enjoys the Book Club. Meghan views her title as Princess as a wonderful opportunity to represent a group that she cherishes and to help them raise money. She loves to participate in her community and witness its passion. The money raised will go to the Varsity Soccer team to get better quality equipment that is essential in laying the groundwork for their soccer careers.




Watermelon Princess, Jessica LuttonPRINCESS, JESSICA LUTTON
The Verdugo Hills High School Senior enjoys cheerleading, softball, swimming, art and drawing, as well as film; she is also an animal lover. She comments, “Not only was it a great way to get out into the community, but it helped to raise funds for my high school Cheer team. In Cheer, there are many different expenses that most of us can’t afford, so fundraising is very important for our team. Our fundraising money goes to new shoes, competition fees, new floor mats, and many other needed supplies. My team is important to me and becoming Watermelon Princess helped my team move forward this year for competitions and football season.



Watermelon Crown Prince, Marlon Aaron RizuCROWN PRINCE, MARLON AARON RIZU
Marlon Rizu is a Junior at Verdugo Hills High School and a member of the High School Baseball team and a Little League volunteer. He also enjoys hiking and mountain biking. As Crown Prince he would like to represent his school and baseball team, so that they have better opportunities to compete.





Watermelon Prince, Brandon RobertsPRINCE, BRANDON ROBERTS
The Verdugo Hills High School Junior is on the Junior Varsity Football Team and also enjoys playing volleyball. He ran for Prince because it would be a new and interesting experience. Brandon was able to raise money for his organization in order to get better equipment for the team. He is honored to have been nominated by his teammates and feels this opportunity will help him get more in touch with the community.




Watermelon Prince, Eric OwensPRINCE, ERIC OWENS
On July 2, 22-year-old Voice of the Village writer Eric Owens decided to run to raise funds for the S-T Food Bank (which located at 7747 Foothill Blvd) in Tujunga; which serves those in need of assistance and gives out non-perishable can and household goods. The food bank is open every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 11:30am. The monies received went to the purchase of food. Owens has also been seen on KTLA 5 News at 10 as a guest reporter covering the December 2011 windstorm as well as was a part of the La Canada world record for the Largest Rice Krispy Treat, which aired on TLC in 2010. Owens says he wants to give back to the community that he’s written about.”


2013 National Watermelon Queen, Amber Nolin2013 NATIONAL WATERMELON QUEEN, AMBER NOLIN
Amber is currently studying food and nutrition at the University of Florida. During her year as queen, Amber has had a busy schedule, traveling the nation and representing the watermelon industry at state fairs, conventions, trade shows, festivals and in-store events. She came to the Sunland-Tujunga Lion’s Club Watermelon Festival at the Rose Bowl to crown our Royal Court.




Interested in Joining the Royal Court?

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