Since 1961

Festival Announces Eagle Rock Trompers and their Classic Car Show

Back in the mid-1940′s, a couple of local car guys hailing from Eagle Rock and surrounding areas had just finished military service to their country.  Young and filled with technical knowledge, they quickly crafted some personalized cars built with performance in mind.  These cars, called ‘gow jobs’ and ‘hot rods’ were usually old Fords stripped of any unnecessary weight and fitted with ‘hopped up’ engines.  The goal:  build for high speed trials at the So Cal dry lakes.  However this required an affiliation with the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA).  So the Trompers of Eagle Rock was formed.  Trompers as in ‘tromp on the gas pedal to make it go’.  Over 70 years and a generation later, this group is still around.  Long live old cars and the Trompers!