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Royal Court

Become Watermelon Royalty

Want to be the next Queen, King, Prince, or Princess of the Watermelon Festival? Give Julie Cuddihy (818-425-9758) a call and and let her know you are interested. Each queen contestant needs a sponsoring organization. If you do not belong to a group, the Lions Club will try to find you a sponsor. Scroll down to download the rules and an application to get started.


What do you need to do to win?

Sell tickets ($1 each) for the Festival opportunity drawing – the Grand Prize is $500, making the tickets easy to sell. The candidate (together with his or her sponsor) selling the most tickets is the winner. Points may also be earned through the public balloting and your service activities.

You are expected to be at the Festival all weekend. The crowning time is TBA. You will be asked to help at different venues at the Festival from time to time - sell raffle tickets, open contests, assist the Master of Ceremonies on-stage.  The Queen and the Court receive a tiara, sash, flowers, and some gifts from community merchants. The Queen is expected to wear her tiara and sash at the Festival.  Next year, the Queen is asked to crown the new Queen.


Where does the money go?

The Lions Club gets 50% (all money is used for charity and service work – see About the Festival for more information) and the other half goes to your sponsoring organization. The Royal Court contest is a good fund-raiser for the sponsoring organization and a lot of fun for the candidate.



You can view the applications online or download them. To download an application, click the Download link in the bottom left corner underneath each image.


Download/Read the Rules

Download (PDF, 109KB)


Download the Application

Download (DOCX, 170KB)



Call or email Julie Cuddihy


Call or email Marynance Schellenbach